We are a travel agency who strive to show people the diverse climates and cultures of our country. while at the same time showing respect for nature and the environment as well as the people who live there. Our company is based on sustainability principles which reflect environmental,economic and socio-cultural tourism development concerns. Our aim is to establish a balance of these three factors to guarantee their long term sustainability.

These principles are detailed below:
*With the services we offer, travelers will learn not just about their destination, but about gaining a deeper experience without compromising their essence of character. We also offer Spanish classes which give our customers the opportunity to become more involved in our culture. This in turn gives residents the opportunity to help our customers and appreciate their interest in what they consider to be ordinary. *Benefits for residents. Our company makes every effort to train and employ local people, as well as utilizing local supplies and services.

*Conserving resources. We want our travelers to show respect for the environment, which means minimizing on anything which may cause pollution, unnecessary waste and energy consumption. We therefore encourage people to recycle products as well as cut down on non-essential water usage and nighttime lighting.

*We respect our local cultures and traditions. Foreign visitors should observe local etiquette and perhaps try to include a few courteous phrases in our language. For those interested we offer Spanish classes, with hours that are flexible to the needs and availability of our customers. Residents do, however, acknowledge that foreign expectations may differ from their own and learn to deal with this accordingly. We strive for quality, not quantity. We measure our success not by income generated from visitors, but by the length of time they spend here, financial input toward the local community and (crucially) quality of experience.

Along with our company representatives, hotels, tour guides, transport providers and countless others, you 'the customer' are essential in promoting, maintaining and improving our work force. In addition to this, we can provide promotional packages to all of our customers according to their needs. These packages offer benefits which are economical and thorough, whilst giving our customers a timeless experience of the highest quality