From its thriving witch-doctor market to its numerous archaeological sites, Chiclayo is a metropolitan city with an old town feel. In the popular Chiclayo market everything from open-air meat carvers to clothing and household goods can be found, as well as haircutting stations and bruja (witchcraft) stalls, with their arrays of plant and animal parts, potions and powders. The area is also rich in culture with a distinctive local cuisine and a strong musical tradition, as well as many fascinating archeological sites.

Located on the coast, Chiclayo is one of the most important cities in Peru not to be founded by the Spanish conquistadors. Originally it was a small Indian village started by a Spanish priest in 1560, and it remained so until Jose Leonardo Ortiz declared the area a province in 1935. Since then Chiclayo has grown into Peru!s fourth largest city with a metropolitan population of around one million people.


Royal Tombs of Sipán - Discovered in 1987 under a section of an ancient adobe pyramid in Huaca Rajada, the Royal Tombs of Sipan contained an impressive array of completely intact gold and silver treasures considered to be the most important archeological discovery in Peru in the 20th Century. These artifacts, meant to accompany the Lord of Sipán on his journey into the afterlife, now reside in the nearby Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum.

Tucume - Located on the plains close to the sacred La Raya Mountain, the archeological site of Tucume covers an area of 540 acres and includes 26 major pyramids. Dating back to the Lambayeque people of around 1100 AD, the area was thought to be used for religious ceremonies in addition to housing burial chambers. Local curanderos (shaman healers) were said to invoke the power of the La Raya Mountain in their rituals, and it is a mysterious and slightly haunting place.


El Huaralino
One of Chiclayo's most upscale restaurants, El Huaralino serves good Chiclayan specialties, Creole dishes and international cuisine. The set-lunch menus are very popular and the ceviche is delicious. It is sometimes hard to get a table during lunch. Open 12 -11pm Mon-Sat, and 12 – 5pm Sun. Price range - meal for two without drinks approx US $10-$20
Address: Libertad 155. Tel: 74 27 0330

Tipico La Fiesta
Another quality top-range choice, La Fiesta is located in the residential "3 de Octubre! suburb, about 2km west of central Chiclayo. The restaurant serves a variety of delicious meats and seafood and has a good wine list.
Price range - meal for two without drinks approx US $15-$25
Address: Salaverry 1820. Tel: 74 20 1970

A flashy, contemporary and bright two-storey restaurant, Hebron serves up the typical parrilladas (grills) of the area. Enjoy your grilled dish in comfortable booths with WIFI if you so wish. Open daily from 7.30am till midnight.
Price range - meal for two without drinks approx US $10–$ 20
Address: J. Balta 605. Tel: 74 22 2709

Pueblo Viejo
This relaxed and attractive two-storey dining space serves traditional Chiclyano cuisine. Especially good are the fish and shellfish dishes such as Tiradito de la Casa (sliced fish with lemon, chili, corn and onions), ceviche, fish soup and tender goat. Try to get a table upstairs under the colored skylights. Reservations recommended on weekends.
Price range - meal for two without drinks approx US$10 – $20
Address: Izaga 900. Tel: 74 27 0330