Located in Southeast Peru, Manu contains the richest and most diverse wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon. Starting in Cusco and extending for two million hectares, Manu!s mixture of remarkable cloud forest and pristine jungle offer a staggering range of flora and fauna that is not to be missed. Much of the area is closed to visitors with swathes of forest reserved exclusively for scientific study or documentary filming. Other parts are inhabited by native tribes who still employ their traditional ways of life.

Officially recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, the biodiversity found in this region is one of the most extraordinary in the world. Of the 9700 recorded bird species in existence, 1000 of them can be found in Manu.
In addition, there are over 200 species of mammal. The region also boasts 10% of the world!s plant species (over 15,000 different species of flowering plants), and a single hectare of Manu!s forest can contain up to 220 different species of tree.


Ox-bow Lakes – In the vast expanse of the reserve there are a number of ox-bow lakes, prime spots for spotting wildlife such as the black caiman and giant otters. Other native mammals include tapirs and jaguars.

Bird watching – Home to over 10% of the world!s bird population this is the place for bird watching in Peru. Among the flocks you will spot Orinoco geese, wood-creepers, terns and parakeets. The area!s clay-licks, where a flurry of hundreds of multi-colored macaws feed on the clay, are a true sight to behold.